If I didn’t despise stiff uniforms and smoky hotel lobbies so much, perhaps a hotel concierge desk is where I would be. I really enjoy helping others with planning tasks and events. I like to help make events special. I am the annoying but helpful family member that calls to remind you that it is Grandpa’s Birthday- don’t forget!

I love to put in the thought of what a perfect gift would be for someone. Or, the perfect place to wine and dine for an evening. Maybe the reason this nerdy side comes up in me- is because overall, I am a creative person. This gives me an outlet to serve others while helping them enjoy themselves.

It’s my way of being Mary Poppins without having to run a daycare.

Services Offered

  • Event Planning
  • Travel Arrangements – Corporate and Personal
  • Reminder Service
  • Scheduling
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Personal online shopping, gifts, events, etc.
How would you pay for services that you complete for me- such as buying a gift or flowers?

You can fill out a credit card authorization form for me, so that all services are paid for as they are completed.

Can you help me with selecting gifts for people in my life, colleagues and customers?

Yes.  I would love to help you with this.

I need help remembering events, birthdays, meetings etc. Someone to keep me on track- Can you?

Yes.  I can remind you of scheduled events so you will never forget a thing.

Can you help book appointments, meetings, and such?

Yes.  Not a problem

I travel a lot for my business. Can you book flights and reservations for me?

Yes- I can manage this for you.

Susan worked on a project for my company that showed her photographic and creative abilities. Combining professional photos and product information, she created an awesome portfolio that was used company wide as a marketing tool. 

-Scott Cathcart @ Fortress Decking

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