This could possibly be one of the most important aspects of your business. You need someone you can trust. You need someone that can be detail-oriented, thorough and concise. I have had experience in maintaining and managing an accounting department and I understand the level of alertness this takes.

I also understand not all businesses use the same accounting software. I am confident that I can learn your system and handle your accounting for you. Have confidence in knowing that I will not pretend to know your system. I have no qualms in asking questions and verifying answers with you. It is important to me, to be able to do things well for you. After all, if you’re not happy with me- I have no job.

Services Offered

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Invoicing
  • Billing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Sales/tracking and reporting
  • Budgets and Projections
  • Data Entry
  • Collections

How do I show you/teach you what needs to be done?

I have a variety of methods we can use to communicate to each other. I often use video chat, email, telephone etc. For my Colorado based clients, we could arrange a meeting at your office if necessary. Let’s talk about this on our initial consult, or as projects come up.

Do you specialize in my type of accounting software used at my business?

There are several types of accounting software I am familiar with. They include: Mas90, Oracle/GLProd and SSP. If your company uses software I am not familiar with, I am confident I can learn it and adapt to it fairly quickly.

For every successful salesman, there is someone willing to handle, manage and maintain the paperwork that follows. Susan has been this someone. She has been a huge help in keeping my customers happy. Susan has aided in customer support by resolving accounting issues, payments, questions and concerns. If you are looking for someone to do the same for you, Susan is the right person for your company.

-Darren West @ Granite Liquidators

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