Accounting/Bookkeeping Services

Every business is bound to have the all-consuming, never-ending paperwork trail that we call accounting.  I would be happy to assist you in taking some of that paperwork off your plate.  With my experience, and the ability to learn systems quickly, I am certain that I could be your new best friend!

Administrative Services

Think of me as your personal assistant.  Or… your Sales Representatives’ back up. Paper work piles up on everybody.  Wouldn’t you like to pawn some of it off on me?  Whether it’s a one-time project or an ongoing task, I am more than happy to help.


Business and Operations Assistance

I like the theory of working smarter rather than harder don’t you?   I like to simplify systems and make things run more efficiently.  I have a knack for learning systems quickly and then simplifying them.  Think “Streamline”. Think “extra time”.

Executive & Concierge Services

I like to call this category the “Mary Poppins” of business. You need to focus your attention on running your business.  Let me handle all of the arrangements that so easily get put on the back burner or forgotten.  Heck, let me order that bouquet of flowers for that lovely someone- Brownie Points!!

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