SusanHello There!

Have you ever had to write an introductory paragraph about yourself?

I am finding that it is more difficult than one might think!

As an example- how do I tell you what my work ethics are, what experience I have and whether or not I am the right fit for your company- without slowly and painfully lulling you to sleep?

I could start off by telling you, that I have an interesting background of experience.

From working within a family owned business- to working within a large corporate healthcare company, the two environments could not be more different!

A lot of time and dedication went into the family business.  It was here that I learned that respect and position is earned through hard work and determination.  Over the years, I went from being front office admin to eventually running the accounting department.  You can imagine the skills that I acquired through that period of time.

The corporate business took some adapting to.  Things were handled differently here. There were bigger systems and more complex software.  With the right team, I was able to learn quickly and transitioned smoothly.  I appreciate the opportunities this provided to me and met some great people along the way.

I am so excited you have taken the time to stop by to meet me!  I assure you that our partnership will be beneficial to the both of us.  I take a lot of pride in the work I produce. Whether it is for a small, family business, or a large corporate company- I treat it as though it is my personal business.

I look forward to having the opportunity to show you who I truly am through the work I provide-

Thank you for your time,

Susan Hoefer

The Reliable Assistant

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