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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone that can assist your company from an off-site location such as a home office.  Virtual Assistants are capable of handling a wide range of business skills and allow you to choose the time needed on each individual project.  Rather than hiring full time help, you can contract the time you need with a VA.  Unlike a full time hire- there is no responsibility on your part for things such as insurance, taxes or payroll.

Susan worked on a project for my company that showed her photographic and creative abilities. Combining professional photos and product information, she created an awesome portfolio that was used company wide as a marketing tool.  Susan produces great work and I am happy to have had the pleasure of working with her.   I will definitely be working with her again on future projects.

Scott Cathcart @ Fiber Composites

For every successful salesman, there is someone willing to handle, manage and maintain the paperwork that follows.  Susan has been this someone.  She has been a huge help in keeping my customers happy.  Susan has aided in customer support by resolving accounting issues, payments, questions and concerns. If you are looking for someone to do the same for you, Susan is the right person for your company.

Darren West @ Granite Liquidators
Do I have to purchase in bulk hours?

No, you can pay hour by hour if you choose to.  The benefit of buying bulk hours is that there is a slight discount and the time you sign up for is reserved for you.  Meaning, you have my guarantee that I dedicate that time each month specifically to your company.



I would like to meet you before I hire you… Is this possible?

Yes! I would like to meet you before I agree to working for you.  (Insert LOL here).

We can meet through an initial video chat (free of charge) to explore this whole thing further-Then you can hire me once you see how awesome I am.  (True Story)



What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who works from an off-site location.  Often times, a home office. Virtual Assistants are contract employees. Which means: there is no long term commitment.  You decide how much time you’d like to contract and what projects you need done.  There are no other costs involved other than the time agreed upon.*  The nice thing is…you don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, salaries, insurance, etc.  Virtual Assistants offer the help and convenience when needed the most.

*Unless additional supplies or travel time is needed



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